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CN-105894161-A: Medium-and-long term generation scheduling compilation method of transverse rolling and vertical leveling in 'fair-and-square' mode patent, CN-105894398-A: Household line information monitoring and clod data processing system patent, CN-105894532-A: 一种海面监测图像弱小目标检测方法及装置 patent, CN-105894593-A: Intelligent taxi billing payment management system patent, CN-105894834-A: 一种交通指挥信息集成方法 patent, CN-105896730-A: 一种适用于输电线路的分层混合通信系统的维护方法 patent, CN-105897381-A: 一种网络编码tcp解码方法及装置 patent, CN-105897503-A: Hadoop cluster bottleneck detection algorithm based on resource information gain patent, CN-105897640-A: Frequency offset estimation method and device patent, CN-105897868-A: 位置信息的共享处理方法、车载终端、服务器及系统 patent, CN-105898299-A: Self-adaptive quantification method and device based on size of transform block patent, CN-105898793-A: 用于避免通信网络中的隐藏节点干扰的方法和装置 patent, CN-105898797-A: 移动通信装置及数据处理方法 patent, CN-105898876-A: 蜂窝通信系统下d2d通信建立及功率分配方案 patent, CN-105900042-A: Directing audio output based on gestures patent, CN-105900090-A: History as a branching visualization patent, CN-105901206-A: Carrot tea beverage with effects of tonifying liver and improving eyesight and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105902371-A: 一种偏心曲转仿真按摩器 patent, CN-105903072-A: Preparation method of chitosan-alginate nanofilm patent, CN-105905961-A: 一种复合净水剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-105906107-A: Domestic sewage treatment device patent, CN-105906152-A: Deep waste water treatment process patent, CN-105906497-A: A venlafaxine hydrochloride pharmaceutical composition and biological medicine uses thereof patent, CN-105907160-A: Polystyrene organic solution thickening agent and application thereof to paint remover patent, CN-105907643-A: 一种利用餐饮垃圾培育绿藻门栅藻属浮游植物的方法 patent, CN-105907791-A: Method for increasing cell transfection ratio of superparamagnetic gene carrier through uniform magnetic field patent, CN-105907853-A: Reagent kit capable of simultaneously detecting monocytosis Listeria monocytogenes, bacillus cereus, cronobactersakazakii and staphylococcus aureus patent, CN-105907856-A: 基于coⅰ基因鹌鹑肉源成分pcr扩增鉴定方法和专用引物 patent, CN-105909239-A: 一种多功能油井液面自动监测装置 patent, CN-105910695-A: 一种gis机械故障振动检测系统及方法 patent, CN-105910964-A: 一种采用抑波的双激励螺线管式微粒敏感装置 patent, CN-105910971-A: 富有机质致密岩心气体渗透率和扩散系数的联测方法 patent, CN-105912019-A: 动力翼伞系统空投风场的辨识方法 patent, CN-105912557-A: System and method for managing data in memory patent, CN-105912745-A: 袋式除尘器气流组织多参数优化方法 patent, CN-105913421-A: Remote sensing image cloud detection method based on adaptive shape dark channel patent, CN-105916876-A: 用于骨髓恶性肿瘤诊断的突变钙网蛋白 patent, CN-105919319-A: Intelligent seat with adjustable height patent, CN-105920203-A: Medicinal preparation for treating stasis dermatitis and preparation method of medicinal preparation patent, CN-105920855-A: 一种遥控车app平台排名比赛方法 patent, CN-105924167-A: Microwave dielectric ceramic powder, preparation method thereof, microwave dielectric ceramic and microwave component patent, CN-105925351-A: 纳米材料油性分散剂、制备方法及应用、纳米材料润滑油及制备方法 patent, CN-105930161-A: Method for automatically adjusting option values of BIOS patent, CN-105930233-A: 对指定公有云账户的数据进行分别自动备份的方法及系统 patent, CN-105930324-A: 设备数据读取方法及系统 patent, CN-105930941-A: 一种适用于风电场多变量输入的风能间接预测方法 patent, CN-105931059-A: 带有双层防伪码的产品及产品溯源防伪验证方法及装置 patent, CN-105931546-A: Light pollution experience area and construction method patent, CN-105933201-A: Attachment management system and method of task-based multi-platform information aggregation system patent, CN-105933447-A: Remote management method of motorcade vehicles patent, CN-105934745-A: Multimode gaming server patent, CN-105935687-A: 一种新型污染场地Pb原位解毒方法 patent, CN-105936381-A: Fruit preservation box patent, CN-105936917-A: 靶向grp78基因rna干扰重组慢病毒载体及其构建方法 patent, CN-105938135-A: Assay device comprising bubble-forming means patent, CN-105938354-A: Coding method of hull structure patent, CN-105938472-A: 一种网页访问控制方法和装置 patent, CN-105938977-A: 一种形成线光斑的方法及系统 patent, CN-105939560-A: Lighting Control Device, Lighting System, And Program patent, CN-105939923-A: An alignment system for a cleat and a base assembly patent, CN-105940439-A: Countermeasures against side-channel attacks on cryptographic algorithms using permutations patent, CN-105941301-A: 适用于水产养殖的太阳能集热系统 patent, CN-105943580-A: American ginseng and root of great burdock youth-keeping granules and preparation process thereof patent, CN-105944365-A: Cross jumping board capable of controlling time and rapidly counting patent, CN-105945482-A: 一种发动机前横梁焊接工装 patent, CN-105945829-A: Steadily fixing medical equipment clamp with propping-up device and holding device patent, CN-105946433-A: Deep-drawing production technique for titanium shuttle-shaped artware patent, CN-105948265-A: Artificial wetland weed suppression and water distribution device and method patent, CN-105948288-A: 一种工业污水处理设备 patent, CN-105949849-A: Nanometer aluminum oxide modified butadiene styrene rubber heat-insulation waterproof coating and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105951306-A: Spun-bonded nonwoven fabric capable of adsorbing harmful gases and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105953468-A: Multi-split system and valve body control method for supercooling loop of multi-split system patent, CN-105953803-A: Method for measuring deviation between digital sun sensor measuring coordinate system and prism coordinate system patent, CN-105954340-A: 用于平板式工作电极的电信号采集和传输装置 patent, CN-105955460-A: 一种虚拟场景可视设备的控制方法 patent, CN-105956042-A: Application program pushing method and system of application program store patent, CN-105956213-A: Design method for sensitive restraint layer damping plate structural modal state observer patent, CN-105956351-A: Touch information classified computing and modelling method based on machine learning patent, CN-105956619-A: Container lockhole coarse positioning and tracking method patent, CN-105956766-A: Hardware programming method and device patent, CN-105957126-A: 一种可以自由切换主题的动画显示方法及装置 patent, CN-105957187-A: Intelligent driving recorder patent, CN-105957224-A: Energy-saving automatic coin sorting machine patent, CN-105957450-A: 一种便于移动式广告柜及装置 patent, CN-105957516-A: Switching method and device for multiple voice identification models patent, CN-105957519-A: Method and system for carrying out voice control in multiple regions simultaneously, server and microphone patent, CN-105960404-A: 布鲁顿氏酪氨酸激酶的抑制剂 patent, CN-105960468-A: 用于治疗剂的效价测定 patent, CN-105961323-A: 一种野鸡蛋期的优质管理方法 patent, CN-105962933-A: 一种基于互联网的双通道脑电信号采集设备 patent, CN-105964179-A: 一种管道混合器 patent, CN-105965103-A: High-accuracy-positioning and stabilized-structure type gear processing device patent, CN-105967114-A: Base used for lifting patent, CN-105969747-A: Method for secreting and producing human-derived core fucose-base transferases by aid of pichia pastoris expression systems patent, CN-105970137-A: 一种大型轧辊修复层及其制备方法 patent, CN-105973622-A: Transmission line simulation and verification system and transmission line simulation and verification method patent, CN-105973728-A: Experiment table for destruction relation between hydraulic support stiffness and rock strength under dynamic load patent, CN-105973794-A: 一种大气腐蚀性监测设备 patent, CN-105974263-A: Motor wrong connection detection device and method patent, CN-105975079-A: Air conditioner information processing method and device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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